Storefront Set-up


Please use the table of contents above, if you wish, to navigate directly to the relevant content heading in the pages below, alternatively use the video tutorial guide below.

Setting Up Your Profile

Account Information

To create your Seller Profile, you will need to visit the following pages. Please ensure you have a storefront logo ready to upload.

Please fill in all of the relevant sections, including Vendor name (which is your Brand name), Contact name, Billing and Shipping address. Please take note of the following important sections:


Please upload a logo image in the size 150 x 150 px. It should be saved as a PNG or JPEG file and saved for web, so under 300kb in size.

Additional Emails:

This is where you can add multiple emails to receive all order notifications and customer questions. If you are adding multiple emails, please separate them by a , (comma). If you don’t want to add additional email notifications, please just input ‘0’ (Zero).

Change Password:

To change your password, please simply input a new password in the password field and click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page to save the change.

Enable Vacation Mode

If you’re going on vacation or if you won’t be able to fulfill orders for a period of time, you can switch off your storefront by enabling this. Doing so will remove products from the frontend, so customers will not be able to find your products or brand.

Vendor Landing Page:

Please upload a banner image in the size 1140 x 317 px. It should be saved as a PNG or JPEG file and saved for web, so under 300kb in size.

Landing Page Title:

This is the title of the page so please just re-enter the brand name e.g. Hat of Cain

Landing Page:

This is your storefront domain and should be entered either as one word or with dashes separating each word, so the input should be either:

1) Your brand name with no spaces, e.g. hatofcain

2) Your brand name with each word separated by a dash, e.g hat-of-cain

Please leave no spaces between the words, if you wish to separate words, please use a dash (-)

Short Description:

This box pulls what will feature on your landing page. This is an example of a landing page on the site.


Add Intro:

Please over-write the existing copy in this box and add the introductory text, the text that appears at the top of the page, below the logo. (see videocast above for further details)

Add Name:

Please over-write the existing text in this field with your name.

Upload Profile Image:

This should be a picture of you. It needs to be sized as 500 x 500px and it should be saved as a PNG or JPEG file and saved for web, so under 300kb in size.

Add Designer Profile:

This should be a copy about you. This copy will feature under your profile picture.

Add Social Responsibility:

This should be a copy about how your brand acts socially responsible and will feature at the bottom of the page as shown in the mock-up.

By Designer:

When a customer searches for your brand, this will be the copy that appears at the top of all of your listings. You can repeat the copy listed above or add something different. This copy will encourage the customer to link through to your microsite.

Once all changes have been made, please click ‘SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to ensure all changes are saved.


The final part of setting up your profile is setting your base currency. This should be marked in your local nation currency, as this is the currency you will be loading up your pricing in. Please double-check to ensure it relates to what is selected.